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Marticars is a car rental company offering its services online via website or mobile application, at Marticars we are pleased to provide our customers with exceptional services to guarantee that you they have an exciting enjoyable experience from their request of our services till reaching their destination.

Our mission is to do whatever it takes till we are confident that our travelers get an unforgettable smooth experience by providing them with the most comfortable travelling tools, so what we do is once we receive your request we promptly handle the task of finding the most reliable car with full coverage auto insurance according to your preference among different types cars where you will definitely feel as if it were yours, not just that but also making the process hiring a car much less hassle as well.

We are committed to bring sustainability solution, as we are dedicated to providing a high-level of car rental services online and making it as easy as possible, also We have a good understanding of the concept of “culture of customer service” which is supposed to take time and consistency to be built.

Here at Marticars we adopt the approach of customer centric which involves in putting the needs and requirements of the customer as a priority when we offer our services and to be certain that you will be safe and secured and get your peace of mind

In addition, we give deep care about customer support through trip in case of raising any single problem we are always there to solve it at once to ensure that you had an incredible experience.

We seek to make travel planning and management even much easier and affordable, thus we offer a various packages that shall be match the needs and demands of our customers, and you can choose one of our unbeatable packages which give you an exclusive rate and high quality service, we offer an incomparable fleet with an amazing selection of various cars that will acquire the satisfaction of the most demanding customer.

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Excellent service, Easy to pick up

Andrew Marron

Andrew Marron

We were given a much better car than we reserved. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Khaled Al-Hassen

Khaled Al-Hassen

Amazing car the same as shown on website, I would definitely rent their cars again and again

 Khalifa Rayyan

Khalifa Rayyan